About Us

About Us

Hello and welcome

We are

  • Sweden's only authorized manufacturer of windows and doors from Gealan's profile system
  • With all our production in Säffle, in the north of Sweden.
  • Generous guarantees and a thorough quality work.
  • Proud of manufacturing quality products and of our environmental work.
  • That our windows and doors have the best energy values on the market.

Our Business Page

  • As our customer, you should feel safe.
  • To sell own manufactured PVC products to the whole Nordic market
  • To develop the business while maintaining good profitability
  • To be able to match the prices of similar products manufactured outside Sweden.

Professional pride

We pride ourselves on producing quality products. We are proud of our environmental work. With windows from us in your house, you can be proud too. They're stylish, affordable and efficient. A glass-clear choice.

Good, better, best

Our production is based on Gealans profiles, Winkhaus fittings and SP and CE marked glass cassettes

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We closely monitor the quality of our windows, in-house production in our own factory allows us to monitor the entire manufacturing process. Our products are manufactured with modern technology, complying with European norms and standards. We place high demands on our production and work to the highest quality standards, this enables us to create a product guarantee to our customers of up to 30 years.

We have long realized that a window is not just a part of a building that should let in light. Today, windows and doors are a major part of the aesthetics and architecture of a house, this while also having to withstand the Nordic climate year after year. That's why we have chosen subcontractors with care. Winkhaus is one example. They produce well-designed fittings and accessories of the highest quality.